Reflecting on Audubon Washington's 2024 Legislative Efforts

Navigating Challenges and Looking Ahead

As we wrap up another legislative session, it's time to reflect on the unique challenges and exciting opportunities we faced in 2024. Following a productive 2023 legislative session, this year's 60-day session was all about tying up loose ends and addressing pressing issues, with a cautious eye on the upcoming November ballot and the crucial Climate Commitment Act (CCA) referendum. 

The short timeframe meant things moved quickly, leaving little room for error. While we saw some setbacks, like the Re-WRAP Act getting bogged down by amendments on the House floor, we also had cause for celebration. Our top climate priority, the 100% Clean School Bus bill, successfully passed thanks to the incredible support from our dedicated members who contacted their legislators 2,240 times to support the bill. Check out our 2024 Bill Tracker to see what happened to the bills we supported. 

Next year, we expect a more robust agenda with key priorities like clean energy siting and shrub-steppe conservation taking center stage. The longer session will allow for deeper collaboration and discussion on these critical issues. 

However, the November ballot hangs heavy in the balance. Initiative 2117, if passed, would significantly impact our environmental efforts by weakening carbon pricing and stripping crucial funding for climate and conservation initiatives. We urge all Washington voters to stand up and defeat this initiative. 

At Audubon Washington, we remain committed to engaging our members and communities as we advocate for environmental protection and climate action. Together, we can overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and safeguard our precious natural resources for future generations. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our shared mission. 

Here's what it took this year to get our top climate priority passed in the legislature: 

By the numbers 

  • 4,250 emails sent to legislators at key moments throughout the session  
  • 50 Audubon and partner volunteers met with 17 legislators during Advocacy Days 

How you can help, right now