By the Numbers: 2023 Legislative Session

Here's what it took to pass bills for birds this year.

Together with our network of over 50,000 statewide members, we successfully passed three pivotal conservation and climate bills, as well as a strong Bird Budget totaling over $270M. Our network’s contribution to this successful legislative session is impressive, including 13,484 individual emails to legislators and ten influential media hits across the state.  

Puget Sound 

The Shoreline Assessment Program bill (SB 5104) establishes a program dedicated to assessing the condition of Puget Sound shorelines. Policymakers, scientists, and conservationists will now possess invaluable information needed to develop effective strategies aimed at protecting these critical habitats.  

Legislators received over 1,800 emails from Audubon members supporting this bill. 

Hooded Merganser. Photo: Scott Suriano

Clean Energy Siting and Shrub-steppe Protection 

The clean energy siting bill (HB 1216) strikes a balance between preserving our natural and cultural heritage while advancing the necessary expansion of clean energy resources.  

Legislators received nearly 1,800 emails from Audubon members supporting this bill. 

Western Meadowlark. Photo: Evan Barrientos

Climate Resilience 

HB 1181 marks a crucial step towards local climate change planning and action. This new policy mandates that local governments develop comprehensive plans to address the challenges of a changing climate.  

Legislators received nearly 3,000 emails from Audubon members supporting this bill. 

Yellow-breasted Chat. Photo: Gary Robinette

Bird Budget 

In addition to the passage of key conservation and climate policy bills, this legislative session in Olympia resulted in significant investments in habitat acquisition, restoration, and conservation strategies important for birds and wildlife. The investments in Audubon Washington’s “Bird Budget” totaled over $270M and reflect the commitment of our state legislature protect habitat in a changing climate. 

Our Bird Budget action alerts generated over 7,000 emails to Washington state legislators. 


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