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Understanding how I-732 is the best policy for birds and people.

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Washington state opinion polling shows strong support for climate action - PLAN Washington

Washington rejects carbon tax, but backers are undeterred - AP

Carbon Tax Initiative Fails in Washington State - EOS

Washington State, Vote “Yes” for Our Kids and Birds - Huffington Post

I-732 is the right moral step to take action on climate change - Seattle Times

Heeding the Canary in the Coal Mine on Climate Change - Rachel's Network

I-732 offers path to easing climate impacts on birds, ourselves - Everett Herald

Washington State’s I-732: A Climate Measure for the Society We Have - Carbon Tax Center

Audubon backs I-732 to fight climate change - The Seattle Times 

It could be the nation’s first carbon tax - Washington Post

Environmentalists in Washington are hoping to lead the way with a proposed carbon tax - LA Times

Vote on nation’s first carbon tax - Fusion

Carbon-tax initiative backers press campaign - The Seattle Times

Washington state the first in the nation to propose a tax on all carbon emissions - Fox News, National

‚ÄčWashington State Millennials lead first-ever citizens' initiative to Put a Price on Carbon - #PutAPriceOnIt 

Tax carbon polluters, not working families - Crosscut

Opposition to Washington’s historic carbon tax initiative is coming from the unlikeliest of sources - Think Progress

Washington voters to decide on nation's first carbon tax - Associated Press


A moral responsibility to act now - Port Townsend Leader

Yes vote urged for Washington state Initiative 732 - Union Bulletin

Vote for Initiative 732 and take a stand against climate change - Union Bulletin

I-732’s passage would benefit our region’s bird population - Issaquah Press

For the birds: Vote ‘yes’ on I-732 to tax emissions - Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

Vote for Initiative 732 to help save birds and thus the planet - Peninsula Daily News

Vote for I-732 - Spokesman-Review

I-732 a good step - Spokesman-Review

For the climate, let's do our part - Wenatchee World

Audubon supports I-732's tax on carbon - The Olympian

Supporting initiative will make a difference - The Daily Record


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Sightline Institute Analysis of Washington State Carbon Tax Initiative 732 - A three part series by the Sightline Institute

Carbon Tax Swap Calculater - Estimate how your household or business would be financially affected by I-732.

Setting the Record Straight on Washington’s Carbon Tax Initiative I-732

Open Letter Supporting Initiative 732 by Leading University of Washington Climate Scientists

Citizens Guide to Initiative 732 - Washington Policy Center

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