Puget Sound Science & Monitoring

Building the science foundation to include birds in Puget Sound recovery

Audubon is building the science foundation, grassroots capacity, and political support to drive investment in conservation outcomes for birds and other species in Puget Sound.

Marine Birds Work Group  

Audubon Washington serves as coordinator for the Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program (PSEMP) Marine Birds Work Group. This group serves as a forum for research, monitoring, and conservation practitioners who share an interest in marine and coastal bird conservation in the Salish Sea. Our work group members include individuals from the U.S. and Canada and represent academic, tribal, NGO, state and federal agency, and private entities.   

The mission of the Marine Birds Work Group is to convene individuals from across organizations and sectors to facilitate and enhance integrated and complementary data collection for bird populations and their habitats within the Salish Sea that result in scientifically robust: (1) status assessments; (2) evaluation of management and restoration actions; (3) evaluation of ecological processes affecting bird populations and their habitats; and (4) communication with decision-makers and members of the public. 

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