Representing birds at Washington’s congressional delegation

Audubon Washington’s conservation and government affairs team brought Audubon's new climate report to Washington D.C.

Fresh off the successful launch of Survival by Degrees: 389 Species on the Brink, Audubon Washington’s conservation and government affairs team Dr. Trina Bayard and Adam Maxwell, took Audubon’s urgent message about birds and climate to Washington’s congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. They were joined on the Hill by dozens of Audubon staff from around the U.S. All were in town to share the sobering news from Audubon’s new study on birds and climate and to urge support for legislation to advance clean energy solutions. Bayard and Maxwell met with the offices of Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell, as well as Representatives J. Herrera Beutler (WA-3), R. Larsen (WA-2), and D. Kilmer (WA-6) during their whirlwind visit. “Sitting down with elected officials is always such a gratifying experience,” Bayard recalled, “and you definitely don’t need to be an expert on bird science or policy to speak from the heart and let people in office know what’s keeping you up at night.” Indeed, by all accounts the visits were a success and congressional staff were appreciative of the feedback shared on opportunities for clean-energy solutions. Now that Bayard and Maxwell are back home, they look forward to keeping these relationships going by working with the Washington chapter network to invite elected officials out on bird walks and the Christmas Bird Count to share our passion for birds.

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