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Audubon Washington’s Bird Budget

Critical state spending protects Washington's birds

 Washington is home to a rich variety of birds. From the iconic Bald Eagle to the delicate Anna's Hummingbird, these feathered creatures play a vital role in our state's ecosystems. Unfortunately, many of Washington's bird species are facing significant threats such as habitat loss and climate change. That is why we’re committed to protecting birds and their habitats through science, education, on-the-ground conservation, and advocacy. 

One way we can achieve our conservation goals is by asking state legislators to support Audubon Washington’s Bird Budget, which supports programs and projects that promote habitat conservation, species recovery, and outdoor recreation, all of which are critical components of Audubon Washington's mission. 


Tufted Puffin. Photo: Gary Paige

Puget Sound 

One key priority for Audubon Washington is Puget Sound recovery. Puget Sound is home to a diverse array of birds, including some of the most iconic and threatened species in the state. However, the health of this important ecosystem is at risk due to pollution, habitat loss, and other factors. The Bird Budget supports programs that work to protect and restore Puget Sound's habitats, which in turn helps to protect the birds that call this area home. 

Photo: Greater Sage-grouse. Photo: Evan Barrientos


Another critical priority for Audubon Washington is shrub-steppe resilience and restoration. These habitats in eastern Washington are home to a variety of unique bird species, including the Sage Grouse and the Ferruginous Hawk. However, these habitats are under threat due to development, agriculture and the increased frequency of fires. The Bird Budget provides essential funding for conservation efforts that protect and restore shrub-steppe habitats and the bird species that depend on them. 


Photo: Ferruginous Hawk. Photo: Tim Boyer


Finally, Audubon Washington is focused on promoting climate resilience. Climate change is already having a significant impact on Washington's birds, from changing migration patterns to altered breeding habitats. The Bird Budget supports programs that help create a clean energy future and help birds adapt to these climate changes by promoting habitat connectivity and protecting important bird areas.

The Bird Budget will help protect birds and their habitats across our state. As an Audubon member, you can help by advocating for these essential initiatives, programs, and projects. Please take a moment to email your legislators in support of the Bird Budget and help us protect Washington's birds for generations to come. 

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