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Advocacy Days Elevate the Needs of Birds and People

Advocacy Days saw over 50 passionate constituents from across Washington State demonstrate their shared commitment to environmental advocacy.

Audubon’s 2023 Advocacy Days marked a significant milestone in the ongoing journey of environmental advocacy, bringing together passionate Audubon members from across Washington State with activists from partner organizations in the Environmental Priorities Coalition (EPC). We leaned into our partnerships and the opportunities presented by the virtual realm, collaborating on a comprehensive training, online constituent practice sessions, and 17 legislator meetings with lawmakers from all over the state. 

Inclusive Engagement: Advocacy Days embraced a format that facilitated engagement from diverse regions, uniting advocates in a common purpose. The accessibility of the event allowed participants to actively contribute from various locations, fostering a sense of unity in our collective mission. Participants included working moms and retirees, high schoolers and seasoned environmental advocates. 


Meeting with Rep. Frame

Empowering Training: Central to our success was the comprehensive training offered to participants. This collaborative session equipped advocates with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively communicate their message to legislators. The training empowered participants to confidently navigate the advocacy landscape, regardless of their background and experience. 

Collaborative Practice Sessions: Recognizing the importance of practice, constituent groups engaged in collaborative sessions that fine-tuned advocacy skills and strengthened local bonds. These practice sessions served as a valuable foundation for the impactful conversations that followed with legislators. 


Meeting with Rep. Wylie

Strategic Partnership with EPC: Our collaboration with the Environmental Priorities Coalition (EPC) and other partners played a pivotal role in the success of Advocacy Days. Together, we held a total of 17 meetings with legislators, giving constituents the opportunity to demonstrate their energetic support for defending the Climate Commitment Act from oil industry attacks, as well as meaningful reforms to our plastics recycling system. 

Community Engagement: Over 50 constituents actively participated in Advocacy Days, demonstrating the widespread commitment to environmental activism in Washington State. The diverse voices of our community united in a collective call for robust climate and conservation policy, amplifying the impact of our advocacy efforts. 


Meeting with Rep. Reed

As we reflect on the successes of Advocacy Days, we extend our deepest gratitude to all participants, partners, and advocates who contributed to the success of Advocacy Days. Together, we learned a lot and are excited to continue to provide new and improved opportunities to speak up for the environment. 

Take action today to let your legislators know you support the Audubon Washington Legislative Agenda. 

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