2021 Legislative Session by the Numbers

What it Takes to Pass Environmental Policy

2021 was a big year for state-level conservation and climate policy. Thanks to the support of Audubon advocates like you, we were able to pass: 

  • Clean Fuel Standard (HB 1091)  

  • Cap and Invest program (SB 5126) 

  • HEAL Act (SB 5141) 

  • Updating Washington's shoreline armoring policy (SB 5273) 

  • Funding for post-fire sagebrush recovery, smart solar siting in the Columbia Plateau, and a near record-setting state conservation budget

How did we do it in a pandemic while everyone is working from home? Our statewide Audubon network wrote to key legislators, signed and shared Action Alerts, and met with legislators to support these policies. Here's what it takes:

14 op-eds and letters to the editor published 

5,461 actions taken such as emailing and calling legislators at key moments throughout the legislative session 

shrub-steppe conservation webinars held with over 500 registrants 

700 people and 50 organizations signed on to our shrub-steppe conservation proviso 

80 Auduboners met with 25 legislators at Environmental Lobby Day 

7 Auduboners met with 3 Washington legislators at the Seabird Fly-in 

We're not just trying to change state policy to protect birds and people from climate change. Take action today to help support federal policy that would help farmers, ranchers, and foresters tackle climate change. 

Thank you to everyone who took action during this session. We have a lot of work ahead but little by little, we are making a difference. 

How you can help, right now