Legislative Session 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Legislative session; a 60-day session expected to end in March

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Audubon priorities for the 2020 legislative session include: 

  • Clean Fuel Standard (HB 1110):
    Transportation is our #1 source of climate pollution here in Washington. This bill would establish a clean fuel program to limit greenhouse gas emissions per unit of transportation fuel sold in the state.
  • Updating Green House Gas Targets (HB 2311):
    Climate action requires carbon reductions across the board. This means setting credible and ambitious climate pollution limits, providing clear direction to meet these limits, and investing in nature-based solutions to capture carbon.
  • Sustainable Farm and Fields (SB 5947):
    Farmers can and must be a part of climate solutions here in Washington state. The Sustainable Farm and Fields bill will make voluntary grants available to landowners who want to transition to more carbon-friendly practices.
  • Zero Emission Vehicles (SB 5811):
    Consumers in Washington don’t have access to zero emission vehicles right now because we lack the requirement here to have them available. This bill would increase the availability of these vehicles.

In addition, we continue to work with the Environmental Priorities Coalition (EPC). EPC 2020 priorities include 100% clean energy, oil spill prevention, orca emergency response, and reducing plastic pollution.

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Priority Issues

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Environmental Priorities Coalition

Beginning in 2003, WSACC joined the Environmental Priorities Coalition (EPC). Today, through the power of the Chapter Network, Audubon Washington is one of over 20 leading environmental groups in Washington state that work to influence policy at the state level. Each legislative session the Coalition selects priority issues that are important to protecting our state for future generations and works hard to pass this common agenda.

West Coast Climate Campaign

Audubon Washington is a partner in the West Coast Climate Campaign - A collaborative group of environmental organizations in California, Oregon, and Washington working on strategies to help combat climate change in the Pacific Northwest. Together we are working to change policy in Washington to:

  • Limit and price carbon pollution
  • Replace coal with clean energy
  • Reduce carbon pollution from transportation with a clean fuel standard

Washington Climate Alliance

The Washington Climate Alliance is a coalition of individuals, organizations and businesses dedicated to reducing global warming pollution, strengthening our economy, and making sure all Washington families have a better future. 


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