Coastal Stewardship

Engaging the power of our membership to protect local coastlines

Audubon chapters, volunteers and community groups around the nation channel their passion for birds and nature into protecting and restoring the most important, vibrant, and vulnerable coastal habitats for birds. They also collect data on birds through local community science efforts, helping contribute valuable information to coastal bird conservation and management.   

Community Science  

Interested in getting outside and birding for science? Get involved in these community science opportunities in Puget Sound.  

Puget Sound Seabird Survey 

The Puget Sound Seabird Survey (PSSS) is a community science program managed by Seattle Audubon that trains volunteer birdwatchers to gather valuable data on wintering seabird populations in Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca, and waters surrounding the San Juan Islands. Together, the PSSS team captures a snapshot of live seabird density on more than 5,400 acres of shoreline habitat. It is the only land-based, multi-month seabird survey in the Southern Salish Sea. 

Pigeon Guillemot Research Group

The Pigeon Guillemot Research Group is a community science project initiated by Whidbey Audubon that’s dedicated to the research, education and protection of the Pigeon Guillemot. The project has its origins on Whidbey Island and now engages volunteers throughout Puget Sound in monitoring Pigeon Guillemot breeding colonies on seaside bluffs. These entertaining and endearing black and white seabirds with fire-engine-red feet help us understand the health of fish prey populations. 


Coastal Bird Stewardship Toolkit 


Download the  Coastal Bird Stewardship Toolkit, a handbook created by Audubon that includes all the basic information coastal steward program organizers and stewards need to help protect nesting, wintering, and migrating coastal birds from human disturbance in their community. It explains how to employ the most effective tools of beach stewardship: symbolic fencing, attention-grabbing messages, and effective on-the-beach communication with the public. 

How you can help, right now