Birds and Climate Change

Audubon science tells us a warming planet is the number one threat to birds.

The Audubon Birds and Climate Change Report is a first-of-its-kind study that predicts how climate change could affect the ranges of 588 North American birds. A product of seven years of research, the report calls upon three decades of citizen-scientist observations from the Audubon Christmas Bird Count and the North American Breeding Bird Survey to define the ideal "climatic range" for each bird species—the range of temperatures, precipitation, and seasonal changes each needs to survive. Then, Audubon scientists mapped where each bird's ideal climate range might be found in the future as the climate changes.

The results are shocking: Nearly half of the bird species in the continental U.S. and Canada are seriously threatened by 2080, and without action, many are at risk of extinction. To view interactive future range maps for the 314 most at-risk species, visit

On a local level, the data pinpoints 92 "climate-endangered" bird species that occur in Washington state that may lose 50% or more of their habitat by 2050, according to the projections. 

Audubon's new science sends a clear message about the serious dangers birds face in a warming world. Protecting them will require both redoubling conservation efforts to safeguard critical habitat and curbing greenhouse gas emissions. To learn about ways you can help in your own community, take the Audubon pledge to help build a brighter future for the 314 birds at risk at

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Washington's Climate-Threatened Birds

Washington's Climate-Threatened Birds

189 climate-sensitive bird species occur in Washington.

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