Washington Statewide Plan - Executive Summary

The birding trail helps fulfill Audubon’s mission of inspiring a culture of conservation.

Vision for the Great Washington State Birding Trail

  • Audubon Washington envisions three results from a statewide birding trail program:
  • Local communities identify and conserve areas for birds and other wildlife, viewing birding areas as economic and quality-of-life assets.
  • Tens of thousands of nature tourists travel the birding trail, helping generate sustainable revenue for rural communities.
  • Audubon programs – Important Bird Areas, nature centers, environmental education, citizen science, and local chapters – enhance the experience of birding-trail travelers, adding to visitor enjoyment and encouraging return visits and word-of-mouth promotion.

The birding trail helps fulfill Audubon’s mission of inspiring a culture of conservation among our citizens while conserving and restoring essential wildlife habitat. Click here to see all current and planned routes of the Great Washington State Birding Trail.

Purpose of the Statewide Plan

This blueprint outlines the development and implementation of a seven-loop, 3,000-mile Great Washington State Birding Trail, and contains goals, objectives, budget, and measures of success, as well as a list of partners and ways in which they can participate in building and maintaining the trail. Long-term protection for wildlife and our own quality of life depends on our using natural resources in sustainable ways and providing on-going economic incentives for local stewardship of birds and habitat.

Goals for the Birding Trail

The vision for Washington’s birding trail will be realized when these goals are achieved:

  1. Complete seven loops of the Great Washington State Birding Trail, including site identification, maps, signage, amenities, and enhancements by working in close partnership with Audubon chapters, local businesses and organizations, and federal, state, and local agencies.
  2. Generate revenue for development of loops, production of maps, and maintenance of trail infrastructure.
  3. Market a quality statewide birding trail.

Products of the Birding Trail Plan

  • Birding trail maps for all loops
  • Signs at all sites
  • One or more amenities or site enhancements on each loop

How you can help, right now