Publicity & Outreach

How to get your message out and engage with your local community.


Getting your message out:

  • [doc:220801|link:Media Training 101] 
  • [doc:218956|link:How to earn great media coverage] 
  • [doc:189771|link:Tips on how to deal with news reporters] 
  • [doc:220806|link:Engagement and Recruitment Strategies] 

The Science Network Workshop Series: Communication and advocacy trainings for scientists

From the Union of Concerned Scientists, these sessions are part of a series offered to Science Network members to provide training opportunities to strengthen your communication and advocacy skills. There are three different levels of workshops that might appeal to you: introductory (101), advanced (202), and early career scientist (ECS). Contents and sign up available here.


Public outreach products and publications are [doc:238091|link:available here], with a link to download the order form.

How you can help, right now