Update your Chapter Leader List

Update your chapter leader list regularly.

Chapter Services maintains a comprehensive list of all Audubon Chapter leaders which is updated weekly. It is important to keep your Chapter Leader List updated in order to keep your board and membership updated with the most recent news and chapter training materials, including free training webinars for Chapter Leaders.

As changes happen throughout the year, and/or as soon as possible after your Chapter has held an officer election and appointed committee chairs, please complete a [doc:246346|link:Chapter Leader Report form] and email it to Chapter Services. More information is available here.

NOTE: All material formerly found on the Chapter Resources pages has moved to the Audubon Works Library. Our goal in making this change is to provide a new secure site where all active volunteers and staff in the Audubon Network can ask questions of each other, share information, access trainings and much more. To access those resources, please click the Audubon Works link to register if you haven't already.

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