Communication Tools

Tools, tips and tricks for e-outreach and chapter marketing.

Ways to communicate between and across the Audubon Network in Washington.


Audubon Washington helps facilitate network communications through two email list serves. Any member of Audubon in Washington State is welcome to request membership to either or both of these list serves created for the following purposes:

WAGeneral Google Group: a voluntary email discussion list (list serve) sponsored by Audubon Chapters and members in Washington state.

WSACC (Washington State Audubon Conservation Committee) Google Group: a voluntary email discussion list (list serve) comprised of the conservation chairs and activists from each Audubon chapter in Washington state.

Email the Chapter Conservation Manager for more information or to request membership.


The Audubon Washington office and many Washington Audubon Chapters use regular conference phone calls to  communicate activities when in-person meetings are impractical. 

The links below offer instructions on how to participate in conference calls by dialing in from your computer, circumventing the need to use your mobile phone minutes.

Gmail - If you already have a Google email account, you can make phone calls from your gmail inbox. Call within the United States and Canada for free.

iCall - Create an account and call within the United States and Canada for free.

Skype - Skype accounts can call mobile and land line phones for a subscription fee ($2.99/month for the United States and Canada).

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