Great Washington State Birding Trail App

Great Washington State Birding Trail app
Great Washington State Birding Trail App

Over 500 species of birds can be found in Washington State. With seven driving loops and 375 birding hotspots selected by local experts, Birding Trail WA is the only app that can help you find them all, from puffins to poorwills.

  • Find birding "stops near me"
    or plan your next trip.
  • Get driving directions
    and find nearby amenities.
  • Access an online bird guide
    for quick reference in the field.
  • Mark your favorite spots
    and share with friends.

Download this app from iTunes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod*, grab your binoculars and car keys, and go.

$1.99 per loop or

$9.99 for all seven loops*

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* Free version of app offers the first 6 stops on each loop (42 stops total)

App developed for Audubon Washington by Aves Amigos LLC

Copyright  2015 National Audubon Society, Inc